What We Do

Expat Homes aims to be the preferred choice in Chiang Mai for home rental and relocation services. We specialize in placing foreign renters in Thai-owned homes by assisting in the home finding process. Whether moving from another country or simply changing houses, Expat Homes strives to give our customers the best relocation experience possible.

Why Choose Us?


Our staff is a blend of native English speakers and native Thai speakers. We make it a point to provide our English speaking renters with an English speaking representative and our Thai speaking owners with a Thai speaking representative. This blend helps to keep the details of the relocation process from getting lost in translation.


Our Western staff understands the expectations and preferences of Western renters, while our Thai staff understands how to locate properties and broker deals in culturally appropriate ways.


We specialize in rentals for foreigners and do not give preference to the buying and selling of properties.


Our customers are not limited to our inventory of properties, but benefit from our willingness to go out in search of the home that best suits their individualized needs.


We know ins and outs of the Chiang Mai rental market. We make it a point to not only know what housing is available, but to also guide you in the complex rental process.  We will make sure you are asking the right questions and assist you in securing a deal that protects your interests.